The Stones Cry Out Themes Essay

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The Stones Cry Out: Analytical Essay

In Hikaru Okuizumi's book, "The Stones Cry Out", we follow a man named Manase through his life after the war. Although this seems like just a look on a mans life, there are many themes that tie us in. Hikaru uses many literary elements to develop those themes. Four of those elements are complication, false assumptions, flashbacks, and foreshadowing. Although there are many key themes, the two I noticed the most were the psychological effects of war and family complications due to the loss of a loved-one.

Complications are defined as obstacles that increase tension. In the beginning of the book, the complications would be when Manase is faced with his memories of the time he was in the cave
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Another false assumption is towards the end of the book, when Takaaki meets up with his father again, "Blood. There was blood on my hands. I noticed when I rode away on my bike." (124) The idea that Takaaki killed Hiroaki is a surprise to most of us. He was with his brother when he died but, he was a little boy and couldn't have possibly done it, could he?

A literary element used throughout the book is flashbacks and foreshadowing. Manase constantly goes back to the days when he was in the cave with the Captain and Lance Corporal, "But the moment he turned to run back, he was blinded by the flashing of a naked blade." (133) When Manase goes to the cave where his son died, he goes into another flashback where he is, again, being ordered by the Captain to kill the Lance Corporal. The first time he went into his flashback, he saw the man plead for mercy, the second time he was nervous and continually slashed at the man, this third time however, he saved the Corporals life. Why he goes back to that particular moment is strange to me. It seems that Hikaru is attempting to tell the changing of a man through flashbacks, which constantly change. What really happened in the cave when the war was at hand forms into a mystery to the readers. Some flashbacks even turn into foreshadows. Like when the Manase is killing the Lance Corporal for the second time, "'Please! Please, don't!' The voice begging for mercy has suddenly changed into

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