The Stigma Of Pop Culture Essay

1079 Words May 10th, 2015 5 Pages
Right now there is a stigma against pop culture and it’s ability to be scholastic. Many educators think that there is no place for pop culture in the classroom. Some view that today’s pop culture is foreign to them or it has changed from when they were younger. But in reality pop culture hasn 't changed drastically, it is still all contemporary popular culture that is spread through mass media. What has changed is, that today it seems there is an abundance of pop culture available. By having this abundance of pop culture, it’s hard for educators to weed out the scholastic pop culture vs non scholastic pop culture. That can lead to educator not wanting to use it as an educational tool in their classroom. I believe that there are many benefits for students and educators when pop culture is used as an educational tool. Benefits of scholastic pop culture can lead to cross class connections, relatability in the classroom and motivation in the classroom. Using pop culture as an educational tool for cross class connections, between educators and students can be very beneficial in the classroom. Right now it seems that it is hard to find pop culture pieces of work that appeals to both educators and students. Before you make that cross class connection in the classroom, you have to find an appealing piece of pop culture for the educator. You have to do this because, if it doesn’t appeal to the educator in charge, then it won’t even be a possibility in their curriculum. Today…

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