The Stigma Of Mental Illness Essay

1394 Words Dec 4th, 2016 6 Pages
Social Justice is the equality of the people in relation to their society, the way human rights are practiced and perceptible at every level of society. A social injustice, is when those rights, are taken away, questioned or neglected. One social injustice frequently overlooked, is the stigmatization of mental illness. One in four people, in the world, will be diagnosed with a mental illness, and 450 million people, worldwide, presently suffer from a mental illness, these numbers by themselves are quite staggering, however there is a number far more concerning (World Health Organization, Geneva, 2011). Roughly two thirds of the before mentioned number, do not seek any help for their mental illness (World Health Organization, Geneva, 2011). The reason so many people do not seek help is the crippling stigma of mental illness. If society stopped treated those suffering with a mental illness as an infection, those struggling would be more likely to seek treatment. Social Stigmas often lead to self-stigma which then leads to a mental ill person not seeking help. Stigma’s exist because society has put them to use. Mentally ill has become synonymous with negative characteristics such as, crazy, erratic, unreliable and untrustworthy. Stigmas of mental illness is a social injustice because makes people with mental illness feel isolated from society, negatively affects personal relationships and breaks down the will to live. Pity is not the correct of targeting this issue, the public…

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