The Stigma Behind Mental Illness Essay example

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Leaving Some Hope
Janice Lloyd, health reporter for USA Today, states that of the 45.9 million people who reported having a mental illness, only 39.2 percent of those people said they received treatment. With those statistics, it calculates out to be that 27,907,200 people did not receive the proper care that they need. There could be a wide range of reasons why people did not receive treatment, but a large reason is the stigma behind mental illness. It causes the people struggling with a mental illness to be embarrassed of their disorder; sadly, I was one of them. I felt ashamed to admit to my friends and family about my depression because I was deeply afraid of how they might view me differently. After experiencing those type of feelings, it made me realize no one should go through those kind of struggles alone. People have to speak up, and when they do, the right treatment and help is there for them, such as the non-profit organization, Hope Network. As expressed on the official Hope Network, website they “give people a chance to overcome life’s challenges.” It is difficult and confusing to face challenges, especially a mental illness, alone with no one there to understand. Also, with the stigma surrounding mental illness, these people are not normally given the fighting chances they deserve. Hope Network helps eliminate that stigma by providing irreplaceable services to individuals battling mental illness; this gives them the chance to become self-assured, independent…

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