Essay The Sterilization Act Of Canada

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Ever since the Sterilization Act was first introduced in 1928 here in Canada, it has been an important part of the health care program mainly around the two western provinces which had an impact. Although today, many people are still unfamiliar with the Sterilization Act and the effect on such Canadians. Many survivors have come forward and have spoken out about what they have gone through. After watching of them tell their stories online, the conclusion comes to that they have all thought about committing suicide, were lied to growing up and after the fact of not being able to have children. This has come to the extent where the Sterilization Act should never have the chance to come alive again and wreck individual lives, we must keep alive with what has happened to make sure it never happens again. When lied to, the liar is often creating damage and great stress upon others. It’s like no other when a doctor tells you, you’re getting your appendix removed when in reality your tubes are “cut and tied, simply cut and tied” (Lytton, 2013). Judy Lytton was made a ward of government as soon as she was born by her mother, due to the fact of Judy having crossed eyes. Lytton was one of many who found out what the purpose was of being in an institution and by the type of person Judy was she asked questions and found out she was going to be sterilized. (Fairbrother, Lytton & Miller, 2013) Unlike Judy, Leilani Muir-O’Malley was sterilized at the age of fourteen and was told she…

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