The Stereotypes Of Video Games Essay

1208 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
How Stereotypes in Video Games Relate to Sustainability

Stereotypes are something that was majorly prevalent in the 1860’s and that still have an impact on minorities in today’s society. The biggest stereotypes involve ones against women, racial and cultural minorities, and others with disabilities. Video games are something that has become more common within our society and videogames are allowing gamers to become more socially sustainable. I learned on the first day of class that sustainability within gaming was going to be the main topic that our class would be focusing on. As I sat in my small wooden desk I thought to myself. Wow this is a topic that I am actually interested in, but I wasn’t positive what the word sustainability meant. As the semester went on I slowly learned the definition of sustainability, and I also began thinking more critically about the topics and questions brought up in class. The more time I put into this class the more I realized myself growing into a student who could dissect a question and respond with a logical and meaningful answer that contributed to the flow of the class. Then us students were presented with a project which required us to relate the pillars of sustainability to gaming. Us students were then given the task to conduct research in order to discover a topic in which we were interested in. As I pondered to myself I my dorm room one day; while playing Grand Theft Auto 5, something registered in my brain that didn 't…

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