The Stereotypes Of Gender Stereotyping Essay

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Gender Stereotyping
As you walk down the street you may not notice it but you may be stereotyping a person based on their appearance. He 's a thug because his pants or sagging or because (s)he 's white his or her family must be wealthy. Being brought up in a society where you are brainwashed by television and what you see on the news you can 't help but to make strong judgement choices. Caitlin Jenner is the number one topic for breaking boundaries all over America. She has become a hero in many eyes. From her past as Bruce Jenner to now She has become a brave and courageous life changer. She has shown people that she will not predict her future and has become the stereotype ground breaker.
We may not notice it but the workplace can be the number one place that have the most unnoticeable stereotyping. For instance at a grocery store u mainly see women on the cash register and men stock in ,or some work in the bakery and men work in the deli department. You also may not know that by telling your child that this is for a boy or a girl is also gender stereotyping. This is past down from generation to generation and is a repeating chain of stereotyping. As women today stand strong and tall they still live in modern-day standard. The man is still taught to be the dominant one and the female is still taught that she should be passive. So women all over America ask yourself do women and men truly think of each other as equal. In today 's society we ask; do men and women…

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