The Stereotypes And Underrepresentation Of Women In Modern Society

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Women and men have always been separated by their differences. Not only physical but psychological, each sex has their own defining characteristics. With the years, such differences have led to the creation of gender stereotypes which generalize the abilities and behaviors of each sex. Similar to other kind of stereotypes, gender stereotypes were born from the human inclination to give sense of their environment. Nevertheless, the general and unconscious acceptance of stereotypes is still harmful to society because of the constrictions it imposes on individuals. As modern society becomes each time more inclusive, and after various historical events and several social movements oriented to the breaking of gender restrictions, many of the old stereotypes have diminished considerably. However, men and women are still heavily segregated in a variety of areas. …show more content…
That is, even when women’s presence in the professional field has expanded to include a diversity of disciplines, there is still a considerable lack of women working in science. Most investigations highlight the inherent unconscious bias of society over women as the biggest obstacle for women from developing in those fields. They argue that STEM careers, acronym which stands for Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, are generally associated with masculine characteristics (Farenga & Joyce, 1999), such as ambition, and competitiveness. As a consequence, women’s place in the field is often times undermined or ignored, which leads to statistically less professional satisfaction than for their counterparts, and thus, it contributes to their abandoning of the

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