The Status Of Queer People Essay

726 Words Apr 11th, 2016 3 Pages
The focus for this week is the status of queer people in international organizations and development projects. Lind argues that through conscious effort international organizations positions people who defy heteronormative gender and sexual norms as visible or invisible. This strategic placement of queer people helps their agenda of governing intimacy in order to further a specific development narrative; which founds itself in heterosexuality and traditional gender norms. Lind mentions the World Bank 's internal stance concerning queer employees, which is the focus of Gosine 's article about GLOBE. Gosine 's objective is to understand the value behind an LGBTQ+ organization in the World Bank, and how the presence of this group influences the bank 's projects in international development (68). The majority of GLOBE members are gay white men from the global north, which is not surprising in the least; however, it holds significance because it represents the ongoing trend of queer people of color 's, especially from the Global South, apprehension to be out even in "safe" spaces. Gosine illustrates that the World Bank cannot foster a completely safe queer community within the organization and therefore struggles to adequately serve queer communities in their initiatives. Her argument boils down to the idea of what it means to "queer development" and if that is an appeal to make space for queers in development, or rather the call for a "radical rethinking of development" (83).…

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