The Statistics And Its Impact On Our Nation 's Jobs Essay

809 Words Feb 17th, 2016 4 Pages
Our economy has been, and continues to be in severe hardship for quite some time now. Many of our nation’s jobs have been offshored because the employers are able to pay less wages for the same amount of work. Call centers, examining X-rays, and computer coding are all examples of jobs that have been offshored. The Statistics Brain Research Institute created a chart to show results of the number of jobs that have been offshored. According to their chart, 2,382,000 jobs were outsourced alone in 2015. The most popular jobs that were affected by this outsourcing include software engineers, accountants, lawyers, insurance brokers, real estate agents, and physicists which has resulted in approximately $28,353,000,000 average earnings lost in America. As jobs are being outsourced, the demand for other jobs rise constantly. However, this still has not created much luck for students graduating to find decently qualified jobs for themselves. Once a job is high in demand many of students will try to reach their degree within this field. Obtaining a degree usually takes a couple of years and by the time the students receive their degree, the jobs that were once high in demand have been completely filled by others who have graduated earlier or have more experience. Conflicts such as offshoring jobs or obtaining a degree in a specific area is the prime reason educators have tried to inform students that it would be best to pick a degree that is flexible in more than just one career.…

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