The State Of The State- Virginia Basic On Various Factors Essay

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Virginia is among the most developed states in the United States basing on the various important aspects. According to the research, this is one of the states that offers services and well-manufactured products that serves the across the world. In the US, this is among the top four currently states which are highly developed hence performing better in most of the aspects. It is evident Virginia is also one of the leading centers in terms of software development; hence, the high technology economy is growing and expanding widely. Virginia is doing well in businesses because the established government policies are friendly and also various incentives are provided. This paper highlights a study in relation to the state of the state- Virginia basic on various factors.
The state of the Economy
In Virginia, service, trading activities and government play an important role in economic growth and development. Residents are fully working for the federal governments in places like Washington hence boosting the economy. There is high growth of industries that has impacted the economy positively because people are getting employed in various sectors. The gross domestic product currently has increased as compared to the other years because of improved economic practices (Krasniqi, p. 171). The high increasing and rising federal minimum wages that have been established is likely to boost and increase the GDP. The per capita income in most cases relies on several factors that are majorly…

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