The State Of Texas Beneficial Health Insurance Essay

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By the year 2000 forty-eight million people did not have health insurance coverage despite Medicare and Medicaid. There are differences of opinion as to whether or not it is the governments responsibility to influence or provide healthcare to Americans. Some believe that it is the guaranteed right of every american to be provided with affordable insurance by our government. Some believe that our government should leave that up to the individual and to be sought in a free market of their choice.
In the state of Texas beneficial health insurance can be hard to come by because of the Affordable Care Act. While it may be beneficial to the very rich, the middle and lower class are left to struggle with finding a good “affordable” insurance company. With the expansion of Medicaid, changes to subsidies, and Medicare reform, insurance has become more confusing and specific about who and how it helps, than helpful to Texans.
Medicaid, created on July 30th, 1965, was a system with the purpose of giving the lower class people insurance who would not be able to afford insurance on their own. Whether it was the result of poverty or the inability to work because of a disability, the poor were applicable to receive insurance. In the case of Obamacare payment for insurance comes from the pockets of the middle and upper class instead of the government. The Individual mandate requires that the people who register, must obtain insurance by 2014.
Medicare, also on July 30th 1965, was a system…

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