Essay on The State Of Tennessee Department Of Health

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Agency Background Information The State of Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) received the name after many years of evolving through various roles and responsibilities of public health. In 1877 a bill was signed into law that created a State Board of Health to assist in organizing and improving the current health concerns during that time (“TDH”, 2016). In the 1800s, Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis and many smaller towns experienced life-threatening diseases that caused death and economic loss. The State Board of Health had obligations such as battling epidemics, creating county boards of health, improving the sanitation of schools, and maintaining vital records of births and deaths in the state (“TDH”, 2016). In 1923, as health necessities expanded due to the population growth and the discovery of new diseases the state, legislation created the Department of Public Health, until 1983 when it changed to the Department of Health Environment (“TDH”, 2016). The change came due to the comprehensive roles that became the department’s responsibility. Over time, the state became more focused on protecting and conserving the environment and in return those factors were transferred to the new Department of Environment and Conservation in 1991 (“TDH”, 2016). The departments name was then changed to what it is known today as the Department of Health. The Tennessee Department of Health is responsible for a variety of essential services. The services are provided for individuals…

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