The State Of South Carolina Essay

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Many people who live in the United States appreciate the Constitution as well as the supreme power of the government to regulate things. Daniel Webster was an influential man when it came to the authority of the federal government. He voiced his response to Vice President John C. Calhoun after the state of South Carolina resisted the Tariff of 1828 because they believed that it would raise the cost of importing manufactured goods that would benefit the Northern States. The state of South Carolina wanted to nullify it. In fact, in its criticisms about the tariff, the state wanted to weaken the government so it would not take any action against slavery (Fortner 299). Although Calhoun agreed that states should be able to protect themselves from laws that they do not see as constitutional, Danial Webster was outraged and defended the reign of the Union above individual states. There were two major points that Webster argued; one was that the state of South Carolina was committing treason and it was bad for the whole nation and the second thing is that allowing South Carolina to choose what they do will stop the progress of the nation. Webster argued that the constitution was written by the people, that the government belonged to the people, was made for the people, made by the people, and should be answerable to the people. When the constitution was created, it was agreed upon that it was the supreme law. Webster points out that either all states have to abide by the…

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