The State Of North Carolina Essay

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Education has long been a fundamental aspect of progressing civilizations. The United States was no different and established private colleges soon after Europeans first immigrated to the area. In 1789, the General Assembly of North Carolina, seeing a need for higher education in the state, chartered the University of North Carolina, the nation’s first public institution of higher learning. Timothy J. Williams’ book Intellectual Manhood: University, Self, and Society in the Antebellum South describes the university and its students from the years 1795 to 1861. Using this book, it is possible to gain a deeper understanding as to the meaning of the state’s charter and how well the students carried it out. The state sought to educate young men in a way that would prepare them to best serve their state and fellow citizens, and these young men were able to carry out this purpose and grow as individuals by learning through both the formal and informal curricula and acquiring the traits associated with intellectual manhood. The state of North Carolina had a very broad goal for the the University of North Carolina. In the words of the charter, it was to “to consult the happiness of a rising generation, and endeavor to fit them for an honorable discharge of the social duties of life, by paying the strictest attention to their education.” In effect, the state wanted its youth to be happy and prepared for the tasks of life that were ahead. The fact that the assembly established a…

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