The State Of New York Essay

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The state of New York is a Democratic state, and my prediction was that New York would vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election. As predicted, Hillary Clinton won New York at 59% with over four million votes, to Donald Trump’s 37% at 2.6 million votes. The state of New York has two U.S. Senators and 27 Representatives in the House, meaning New York has 29 Electoral College votes. In the 2010 Census, New York lost two Electoral College votes. This is the seventh consecutive Census where New York has lost at least two Electoral College votes. In the 1810 Census, New York was the nation’s most populated state, and had the most Electoral College votes from the 1812 election until the 1972 election, where California surpassed New York. In 2004, Texas also surpassed New York in those numbers. The most Electoral College votes that New York has ever had was 47 in the 1930 Census. Since the 1940 Census, New York has just been losing Electoral College votes every Census after.
New York has primarily been a Democratic state since 1929 during the Great Depression, and one of the few times that New York voted for a Republican was in 1948. At the time, Thomas E. Dewey was the governor of New York, and he ran against Harry S. Truman. Dewey belonged to the Republican Party, while Truman belonged to the Democratic Party, and Truman eventually went on to win the 1948 Presidential Election. In the more recent elections, New York has voted for the Democratic representative…

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