The State Of New Jersey Essay

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The state of New Jersey plans to construct one of the biggest retailer and entertainment complexes in the United States named The American Dream Mall. The goal of this project is to become the primary global shopping, dining and entertainment destination any one has yet to see. The complex has been under construction for over thirteen years in the Meadowlands located right next to the MetLife Stadium, home of the NFL New York Jets and New York Giants. Throughout the past couple of years this project has seen many different project managers and developers causing many project issues lawsuits, scheduling conflicts, and project delays. However, real estate development company Triple Five Group will finally get a moving with this project and plans to be fully completed by the summer 2018. Triple Five Group has prior work experience in this field and have constructed some of the biggest malls including the Mall of America in Minneapolis and the West Edmonton Mall in Canada. With similar background experience, Triple Five Group really hopes to meet their expectation date of completion. Triple Five Group President Dom Ghermezian believes that “American Dream will redefine retail and set the standard for what customer experience looks like moving forward.”
Project Background
The American Dream Mall has been under construction for over thirteen years in the Meadowlands of New Jersey. This project has seen over three different developers but Triple Five Group have taken over and…

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