The State Of Nature : Rousseau, And What Type Of Man Does One Find

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What is the state of nature according to Rousseau, and what type of man does one find in such a state?
According to Rousseau the state of nature, was supposed to have primordial habitation of human, which is uncontaminated by society. Rousseau wrote that men are born with Free State of mind, which is neither good nor bad, but society and the social environment in which they are brought up play an important role in shaping their nature. A person is able to distinguish his inputs for his society, understanding his caste, race, religion and the moral responsibilities, which are learnt while living in a social group of people. However, he also writes that some of demerits of human nature are that they at first are unable to learn the moral skeptics and this horizon is opened to him or her when he starts learning religion. Rousseau views that socializing aspect of human nature is a good thing because this would let him know about his role in the society and his moral skeptics towards the society. (Page 31)
How does private property begin, according to Rousseau and why is it an expression of the corrupt state of man in civil society?
The artificial needs created by a man, constituting his civil life are dependent on the individual’s personal social life and nature. These artificially created lives in the form of interactive and complex living systems give rise to private property (tangible and intangible properties) in which a piece of land is owned and maintained by an…

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