The State Of Indiana And The World Of Education Essay example

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The landscape of education is rapidly changing. As this new age of available technology and information dawns on the world, the world of education must also change and adapt with it. In the United States, each state has its own requirements for adapting educational policies to meet the needs of students in the 21st century and seeing that their education is as integrated into their own life and as applicable to their future work experience. The state of Indiana has set very specific REPA standards for pedagogy, including a teacher’s use of technology in education. Technology, both to the state of Indiana and to the world, is considered and should be used as an essential tool for educating new generations in every subject that they encounter in school, and can be used as both a great equalizer when it comes to helping those with slower capacities to learn as well as a way to get students of all capacities to better interact with the classroom, both while in its defined walls and outside of them. The Indiana REPA standards for pedagogy for secondary educators includes 7 basic standards, all dealing with how a teacher should teach his or her class. Each suggests to a point how technology should be used in the classroom, whether in what degree or to what purpose it should be used. Three standards that really focus on the use of technology in the classroom are the first three standards located on the REPA standards website. Standard one deals with “Student Development and…

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