The State Of Athens Essay

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As we all know history of democracy dates back to ancient Greek city-state of Athens. In Athenian democracy people were governed directly. But it is merely impossible to apply same direct democracy in today’s societies considering difficulties to interact with the millions of citizens. This practical reality gave birth to notion of representative democracy where political power is used by representatives. It is required to simplify the overall process in order to hand over the power from millions to a limited number of representatives and that is where difficulties begin (Venice Commission 2010). In most countries that are govern under representative parliamentary democracy, it is common to see coalition governments. Even though coalition governments are form by a compromise at the beginning, there would be so many problems when coalition parties begin not to preserve initial harmony. That’s why there were always a pursuit of a system that creates more stable outcomes even if it wasn’t possible to devise purely perfect mechanisms for democratic representation. Electoral threshold is a rule that requires a party must receive a specified minimum percentage of votes to obtain any seats in the parliament and to secure any representation. It is also one of the most exploited means to serve this purpose (Wikipedia). In a proportional democracy, like Turkey’s, the electoral threshold can inevitably effects government formation (bipartisan…

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