The State Art Museum Of Florida Essay

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The State Art Museum of Florida, known as The Ringling , was once owned by one of the wealthiest men of the Roaring twenties, John Ringling. This museum is located in Sarasota, Florida and houses some of the most prominent works of art representing the culture and time of Europe back then and still continues to grow to this day. It opened it doors to the public in 1931, which was two years after the death of John’s wife Mable, hoping it would “promote education and art appreciation, especially among our young people.” John Ringling owned and operated a circus with four of his six brothers and it’s name was the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus. While he gained great success with the circus he developed a voracious passion for art collecting from the European region. He later had this 21-gallery art museum built to contain all the art and cultural objects he acquired over the years of travel. It now serves both as a legacy of his growth of his business expenditures and as a memorial for his beloved wife, Mable. The museum is filled with all types of European arts from varying regions including Italy, Spain, France, Rome, more modern works of art from North America, and ancient and medieval objects purchased from distinguishing collections. All of the collections in each gallery highlight a specific region encompassing the Baroque and Renaissance-style while showcasing differences that each depicts. It brings the world’s treasures to one place for all…

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