The State And Federal Levels That Have Affected Napavine School District

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There have been numerous changes at the state and federal levels that have affected Napavine School District. Over the past few years, teachers and administrators have worked long hours to meet the changing demands placed upon public schools. Two school improvement initiatives currently in place at NSD are the Teacher Principal Evaluation Program (TPEP) and our School Improvement Plan (SIP). Our TPEP has been successful because we have had several years to implement the process. We are in our third year with some teachers still trying to determine the best types of assessment and how to tie student learning goals to those assessments. We are using Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model and we still have a lot to learn. Our staff is offered district-wide training several times throughout the school year during district in-service days, but we struggle with the sheer amount of teacher evaluations required. We are currently hiring administrative support in the form of a Dean of Students at the middle and high school. Hopefully, adding more administrators will enable us to be more successful and reduce the burden of our current administrators. We have also begun implementing our School Improvement Plan at the high school level. We have established reading and math goals and identified areas of needed student improvement. We also include opportunities for staff development in various instructional strategies on our district in-service days. Our biggest obstacle is lack of time. We…

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