Essay about The State And Federal Government

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For the past 200 years, federalism has played an important role in America’s government. The state and federal government can sometimes be in a power struggle over certain situations and laws. Some Americans would rather have states have more power over the federal government, whereas others prefer a stronger central government. Throughout the years, federalism has changed along with the needs of the country. When President Reagan was in office, he pushed for “New Federalism”. This was the idea of giving power back to the states, however, the lack of funding from the federal government left states in a lot of debt and weakened the relations between the federal and state governments (Federal-State Relations Today: Back to States ' Rights? 2016). A couple decades later, President Bush pushed to return a lot of power to the central government during a time of war. No Child Left Behind, an education act, was seen as giving more power to the federal government over the states (Federal-State Relations Today: Back to States ' Rights? 2016). Federalism has changed throughout administrations and generations, causing tensions and cooperation between the state and federal government. In this paper, I will discuss current issues and overall relations between the state and federal levels of government. A major current tension between the state and federal government is the legalization of marijuana. Twenty-five states have laws that legalize marijuana in some form, however, it is still…

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