The Start School Later Movement Essay

1754 Words Nov 20th, 2015 null Page
The Start School Later movement has been going on for many years. Many people, such as health care professionals, sleep scientists, educators, economists, legislators, parents, students, and other concerned citizens are encouraging starting school later. According to all these researchers, starting school early in the morning is unhealthy. However, starting schools later can cause a lot of hectic. Such as bus schedules, transportation, after school programs and much more. I believe that schools starting later will improve students academic and athletic performances. Throughout my research many studies have shown that when schools start later, students are more alert in class. A study in University of Michigan has proved that when schools start later, students academic scores has increased a lot. Also, there are less tardies, less sleeping in class, also crash rates have decreased. Advocates of a return to later school start times argue that sleep and school hours should be viewed as a public health issue, citing evidence linking early school start times to widespread sleep deprivation among teenagers as well as a wide array of acute and chronic physical, psychological, and educational problems. Not only do students get more sleep on school nights when their schools move to later start times, but later school hours have been consistently linked with improved school performance, reduced impulsiveness, and greater motivation. As I was saying before, there has been lower rates…

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