The Start Of The Syrian Civil War Essays

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The start of the Syrian Civil War escalated during the spring of 2011, and was provoked after several decades of political injustice and brutality. Syrian rebels challenged Bassir Al-Assad, the current President of Syria, which evoked the Syrian government to respond to protestors with violence and lethal force. By late December 2011, rebels countered back with armed forced against the Syrian Government. To this date the Syria Civil War is responsible for over 200,000 deaths, accompanied by roughly the same amount of Syrian citizens who are wounded or missing. Nearly half of Syria’s population has departed and fled to neighboring countries in pursuit of refuge and safety for themselves and their families, since the start of the War. Approximately 4 million Syrian people have registered in refugee camps located in Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, and in Europe. Due to the demand in Syrian refugees’ relocation, under pressure, President Obama announced in September of 2015 that the United States would be accepting approximately 10,000 Syrian refugees in a year span, which has been reportedly achieved. This brings us to the question on debate of whether the United States should allow Syrian refugees in the country, despite the risk of Islamic terrorists (ISIS) invasion. Syrian refugees have been forced to flee Syria in desperation to avoid the dangerous conditions of their home and seek safety in neighboring countries. However, since the risk of possible terrorism invasion is…

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