The Start Of Civil War Essay

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The Start of Civil War Civil war was one of the bloodiest conflicts in U.S. history, it started because of different political and economic beliefs that caused conflicts between the northern and the southern states. There were major political and economic issues, social and cultural forces, individuals and groups that caused civil war. There are different opinions on what caused civil war, for some it was just because of slavery, but there were many factors that separated the nation and it was almost impossible to stop civil war. It was a war that was going to be fought no matter what. Civil war lasted four years, from 1861 to 1865, it was between the South and the North. The South was also refer as Confederate States of America or as rebels. The North was known as the Union, led by Abraham Lincoln. This paper will explain the different reasons of why civil war began; political causes, economic issues, slavery, society and individuals and groups that were involved. The rebellion started for many reasons and one of them was political issues between the North and the South. The Kansas- Nebraska Act of 1854 which allowed the states to decide if they were going to have slaves or not. Many northerners opposed to the act. The North and the South were different and they were asking for different things from the government. Confederate states wanted each state to be more sovereign than the federation or confederacy. This was demonstrated in how the army of the South was made.…

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