The Starry Night By Vincent Van Gogh Essay

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The Starry Night The sky swirls in an intense pattern like a wave. A tall cypress tree reaches to the heavens as the sky whirls around its highest branches. In the distance a little Dutch church points upward with its long steeple. The night sky is dazzling with colors from the yellows of the moon, Venus, and the night stars. The uniqueness of this artwork and the imagination of the artist allow the viewer to gaze at it from a different perspective, this allows the individual to dig deeper into the artwork and their own life... The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh inspires thousands of people and artists alike every day Van Gogh, the artist of this famous work, quickly painted The Starry Night with a heavy oil paint on canvas. His use of thick brush strokes and deep layers of paint reach out from the canvas begging for attention from the viewer. The thickly layered brush strokes allow contrast for a simple technique used in this work. The thick impasto and bold colors helped further this contrast Gogh strived to achieve. The many brush strokes give a sense of action of the night sky swirling around the viewer of the piece enclosing them in their imagination of the wonderful night sky. The bright yellows contrast nicely from the dark blues of the town and the night sky. Van Gogh’s use of the contrasting colors allows the viewer’s eyes to dance around the artwork, picking up the smaller details of the painting.

The bright, bold swirling colors help show the function of…

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