The Starry Night By Vincent Van Gogh Essay

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The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is an infamous work of art that many people find captivating (many for it’s vibrant colors and elaborate design, and some for the history of it’s creation). Van Gogh is an artist known for his elaborate works of art, those of which came in high demand after his death. As well being a mostly self taught artist, he produced over a 2,000 works of art, all of which are now praised for their beauty and design. Van Gogh, while brilliant, became mentally ill over the years, and admitted himself into a mental institution after numerous violent episodes. This work of art, The Starry Night, is inspiring to me because of it’s context: as a work of art created by van Gogh while he resided in the mental institution; it shows that no matter how taxing someone’s life is at the moment, they can still succeed in the things that they find comfort in, and can find beauty in times when only ugliness is prominent. Vincent van Gogh is an artist born in Zundert, Netherlands on March 30, 1853. A year before his birth, his parents suffered the loss of their first son, who shared the name Vincent; this event leads Vincent down a path of sorrow. His father, Theodorus van Gogh, who was a minister, emphasized the importance of religion over his family. Vincent’s mother, Anna Cornelia Carbentus, was an artist, whose talents and love of art transferred over to her son. He was a smart boy, but some would describe him as strange, due to how he dressed, ate, and…

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