The Star Wars Of American Pop Culture Essay

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The Star Wars saga is such a phenomenon in American that it has become part of American pop culture. Just by references or symbols from the movie, people already connect it to The Star Wars trilogy.The Star Wars saga is well known and easily recognizable by everyone of different culture and has impacted the economy positively. Because of the concept of galactic fantasy, it made Star Wars sequels and prequels more more enjoyable to any age group. The saga is very appealing because of the galactic fantasy and its installment of real life issues of people, which had a great impact. Even though decades later since the first film movies was released in 1977, its still has the power to fascinate new generations. I chose Star Wars because my cousins and brothers spend their childhood watching and obsessing over Star Wars saga. I always wondered why such an obsessing over the movie when I wa small. Since The Star Wars saga is an international franchise and the brought the biggest gross income before E.T by Stephen Spielberg, therefore, it 's such a phenomenon among any age groups.

The person behind this phenomenon that has influenced and is part of American pop culture is George Lucas. George Lucas with his imagination, talent, and research ability was able to create one of the greatest phenomenon that has ever been created. The saga is so tied to the real world. According to Bould, “in the later films, lucas shows the audience how the oppression Empire is born, not…

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