Essay on The Standards Of The Standard

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The Standard
In today’s society, standards are set all throughout our daily lives. Things such as ensuring that the person we choose to marry isn 't a slob is a perfect example of standards we may set for ourselves. With these self-established standards also comes standards that are set for us. One’s job might hold its employees to a certain standard or a professor might hold a standard for her student to consistently do well in the class. But although standards that are set can be used to bring the best out of a person, such as someone setting high standards for themselves but it can also sometimes unmask our heavy nonchalance. Through many mediums and pathways, this concept and expectations of standards set reaches even throughout the walls of our schools. It reaches students as young as 4th graders or as old as high school seniors. This seemingly inexorable force is also known as standardized testing. What once began as a way to document and chart academic and comprehensive progress of students, what once was created to figure out where a student’s lacking or where a student needs to show improvement, and what once was used to ensure that a child on the right path has now, to some become, simply a “Way to stress out all [United States] students even more” says an EMU student named Dereon. For years, standardized testing was marketed as a way for schools to understand the academic progress of students. Standardized tests such as Achievement, Aptitude, and college…

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