The Standards Of Practice That I Chose Essay

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For this objective, the ACSW Standards of Practice that I chose are B4 (Consent for Services) and B8 (Termination of Services), as I have some experience with them at my current field placement.
The B4 Consent for Services standard revolves around obtaining informed client consent before the providing of services is initiated. This essentially details that responsibility falls on the social worker to provide accurate and detailed information about what services they would/do offer, and what the implementation of those services would look like for the client (ASCW, 2013, p.10). As well, included in this is the duty to inform the client of any potential risks that said client may face, gaining informed consent from the client, and explaining to the client how informed consent for services may be removed or withdrawn (p. 10). The B8 Termination of Services standard states that services provided by a social worker will continue until the outlined service goals have been fulfilled and/or the services are no longer needed; it is understandably clear to the helping professional or the client that the services being provided are not achieving the agreed outcomes or purpose(s); a dual/conflict of interest relationship exists; or lastly, there is reasonable information to conclude that a client poses a viable threat to the personal safety of the social worker (in which case, a social worker may provide a referral or alternative resources available to the client), (p. 12).

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