Essay on The Standards Of Nursing Homes

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Our textbook describes a grim picture of nursing homes. There are some sugar nursing homes operating in the United States, and they should be closed. There are many high quality nursing homes around the country in which older people thrive and not only live there. There are qualities that make nursing homes to be at a “gold standard.” “Qualities of housing and neighborhood gain saliency as age-related decrements in sensory-motor processes, strength and endurance, and health, financial, and transportation resources inner with thinning social networks to contradict the environment accessible for meeting life-maintenance and psychosocial needs” (Coyle, 1997, p. 253). The standards of nursing homes are extremely important due to the future of high increase of the aging population. There should be a quality of care that is customized to the needs of the person. The “gold standard” of a nursing homes needs to meet the highest quality of service, environment, and care. Also with the care of the residence, there needs to be a certain standard of care for the family of the resident. I believe that a “gold standard” nursing home would give emotional, physical, and spiritual support. Emotional support may include activities that bring the residents together. It would give emotional support by being mourned people who share the same hobbies or past time. Physical support may incline a high quality enrollment in which there would be active and fitness activities that are appropriate…

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