The Standards Of Health Care Organizations Essay

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Nowadays compliance and regulatory have been the most challenging environment for health care in our homeland. Nearly the entire profession is governed by more than one regulatory body (Field, 2008). The structure of regulatory is almost never the same and often has no organization. “Health care regulations are developed and enforced by all levels of government—federal, state, and local—and also by a large assortment of private organizations” (Field, 2008, para. 5). The compliance in the United States, comprise of complying with rules and guidelines that can have criminal or civil penalties. The leaders in health care must have an understanding of compliance requirements and attempt to uphold the organization’s compliance program. The compliance leaders of health care organizations also required to have the knowledge and mechanisms that allow them to evaluate and govern the business impact of the government’s controlling and enforcement initiatives. Often the concern of sanitation, restaurant inspections, and investigations of epidemics lies within public health programs that govern by the state and local government. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have the responsibility to provide oversight from a national perspective.


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