Essay on The Standard Standards On Our Education System

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Dear State Representatives and other supporters of the Common Core Standards,
It was not until my junior year of high school that I had recognized the severe impact of your new standards on our education system. Initially, I had only thought a new standardized test was being introduced-- that the school district was simply transitioning into a new form of standardized testing. The reality was, however, that the traditional methods of teaching that have been applied to education systems all over the nation for years, were about to change drastically.

The juniors of my high school, including me, were the guinea pigs of your new standardized test, the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress-- shortened to CAASP. Testing was only days away when parents’ and other protesters’ complaints suddenly began to file in. Fliers were distributed and placed on car windows to urge students to opt out of taking the CAASP. Their reasoning was that the purpose of this standardized testing was solely for the school’s reputation and benefit. The students’ performances on this test would essentially help the school in raising its overall rating. Students began to ask themselves: “What do we get out of this?” and eventually, a majority of the junior class chose to “opt out” of the test and were assigned an alternative project in the library instead. I clearly remember the chaos that occurred as a result of this protest; our principal and the rest of the administrators were…

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