Essay about The Standard Model Of Policing

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Introduction The primary purpose of crime analysis is to assist police. Importantly, research and practice have shown the most effective methods police employ to prevent and control crime are those in which crime analysis plays a vital role (Santos, 2013). A few of these models of policing include: the standard method of policing, problem oriented policing, and community policing. In the last 30 years, American policing has seen significant changes in both thinking and practice (Weisburd & Braga, 2006). Technological advances, new perspectives on policing, and evaluations of current practices have brought about these changes (Santos. 2013).
Standard Model of Policing
The standard model strategies are often seen as traditional police approaches to dealing with crime that developed largely during the reform or professional era beginning around the 1930s (Kelling & Moore, 1988). While these tactics are now 60 or more years old, they drive much of current police activity.
Standard model of policing helps harvest random patrol across all parts of a community, along with focusing on rapid responses to emergency calls for service. However, this model has shown little or no evidence of effectiveness as a crime fighting tool for police. The finding that police randomly patrolling beats is not an effective crime deterrent makes sense based on the literature on hot spots policing (Weisburd & Lum, 2005). Hot spots policing is an effective strategy in part because it takes…

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