The Standard American Diets : The Greatest Problem With The American Diet

1130 Words Jun 1st, 2016 null Page
The standard American diets that we continue to eat from generation to generation is the greatest problem with the American health. This diet, which consists of high protein animal products, high fructose corn processed products is the main cause of the downfall of American health and wealth. For example, increased health problems, increased health care costs, and climate change are all caused in part by SAD. Due to that reason, all the Americans should shift their diet to plant –based diet, which is far healthier, cheaper and less harmful to the environment than modern diet. The Government should take an active role in shifting the American diet to a plant-based diet.
We assume it is healthy to eat corn-fed animal products and all processed food which is again being made with cornstarch, sweeteners, or corn syrup. In fact, It is all very bad for our health. It causes many diseases such as Childhood Obesity, Cancer, Diabetics type-2 and many other diseases. For example, Joel Fuhrman mentioned in his book Eat to Live that “ estimation shows that 25 percent of school children today are obese” (20). Fuhrman also stated that “over 90 percent of calories consumed by Americans come from refined foods or animal products” (34). Dr. Fuhrman also has conducted studies that have shown that eating refined food and animal products causes many health issues. This kind of situation indicates that most of the publics are unaware of good nutrition. The government should provide nutrition…

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