The Stamp Act Essays

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Great Britain sent people over to what is now known as America, and those people started the thirteen colonies. While the thirteen colonies were controlled by the British, the Americans were unethically treated and didn’t have much say about what happened in parliament. This unfair treatment includes the taxation of Americans, there lack of representation in parliament, they also didn’t get to choose their role in wars. The Americans wanted self-government from the crown because they were unfairly treated by the monarchy. The Stamp Act was a tax that British parliament passed, to put a tax on every sheet of printed paper in the colonies. The actual cost of the Stamp Act was relatively small. What made the law so offensive to the colonists was not how much it costed, but what the money went towards.
The Americans were paying the Stamp Act. The money that parliament was collecting from the Act wasn’t going back into anything involving the Americans, it was going towards the Seven Years War. The Americans didn’t like that British parliament was taxing them to pay for a war that didn’t really involve them, also the Americans didn’t like that because there was taxation without representation. Which means that British parliament was taxing the Americans, but the American didn’t have any representation in parliament. The Townshend Act of 1767 “imposed duties on glass, lead, paints, paper and tea imported into the colonies.” The English parliament hoped the Townshend would help…

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