The Stamp Act Of The Great Britain Essay example

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In the mid 1700’s Americans were seemingly more British then ever before. However, soon the American Colonists started to believe that being a part of the British Empire jeopardized their freedom. The British used taxes and violence as ways to slowly take away the freedom of these colonies. The colonists knew that they needed to act as soon as possible, and now they see themselves as more American than British. “True liberty, then, is a liberty to do everything that is right, and the being restrained from doing anything that is wrong.” This opened the doors for a life of independence from the Great Britain. American Colonists were so fed up with the way things were turning out that they began to riot against Britain’s rule. On August 26th, 1765, a riot broke out when a frustrated group of Bostonians attacked Thomas Hutchinson’s house during a family dinner. Following this riot the British imposed the Stamp Act, which placed taxes on goods that the colonists found vital. The Stamp Act was one of the first major causes of separation of the American Colonists from the British. This Tax affected the rich, the poor, farmers, artisans, and even merchants. The public sphere didn’t act so kindly to the matter and only advocated it to people as an extreme negative. How could the colonists stand for something so unfair taking away there liberties and forced upon them? Parliament practically made the colonial leaders seemingly powerless, who before this act controlled the raising…

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