Prenatal Development Research Paper

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Prenatal development begins when once an egg has been fertilized. This is the ultimate beginning of Human Development. The many changes that fertilized egg goes through before becoming a new born human is all a part of prenatal development. The first part of this period called zygote. This is the process that fertilized egg take until it plants itself in wall of the uterus. While in the uterus the structure called the placenta exchanges the nutrients between the pregnant woman and the developing child. About 3 weeks after this process has begun the embryo is formed by the zygote fully embedding itself in the uterine wall. During this the body structure is formed. The organs are growing. The embryo environment rest in a sac called
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The next and final stage is the forming of the fetus which last from about week 9 until birth. During this stage the fetus goes through is finishing touches before birth. The rapid increase in growth is seen here when a fetus starts off by weighing about 2 ounces and end up being 7 to 8 pounds. The main system in life are finished in this stage, like respiratory, digestive and vision. The process that goes on inside of a woman is very important to prenatal development, but as so is the things that go on outside. Some influences on prenatal development are things such as her age, nutrition and stress experience. When teenagers have babies they tend to have more problems because the prenatal care they have is inadequate. For this reason women older in age, like35 or older, are more likely to have miscarriages or give birth to a baby with mental retardation. Having bad nutrition during this time as well as and excessive amount of stress can also lead to prenatal development issues. Another way prenatal care can be effected is by teratogens. Teratogens are agents/drugs that can lead to abnormal development. Some of these include, alcohol, cigarettes, illegal drugs, caffeine and aspirin. Regular doctor visits and ultrasounds is a way to assure your best care …show more content…
(P.94 Kali). Scheme are always changing in young and this can be describe assimilation, which experience already incorporated are embedded vs accommodation in which experiences and schemes can be modified. The information processing stage in early childhood starts as an infant. Infants use habituation to filter unimportant stimuli. Infants can learn information many different ways. Some of the ways are: classical conditioning, operant conditioning and limitation. During the early childhood memory becomes relevant. Autobiographical memory is how and individual remembers events in their own life. Preschool age children is where it becomes more seen as a preschooler can be and eyewitness. Learning to count has three different principles. One-to-one principle, stable order principle, and cardinality principle . Speech development come off the basic building blocks in our brains process called phonemes. Phonemes are the unique sound used to create words. Infant direct speech is the first learned from of speech. This is the form of speech that we adults use to chat words with infants. Babbling is their first know form of verbal speech usually around 6 months. The Socioemotional stage of childhood development starts with attachment. Attachment is first learned as an infant. An example of attachment in infants is how

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