The Stages Of Grief By Colin Murray Essay

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Adams Hayes and Hopson devised a model where they describe the stages in which a person goes through in a period of transition and describes the behaviours associated. There are 7 stages of transition. These stages are immobilisation, minimisation, depression, acceptance, testing, searching and internalising.

According to Adams Hayes and Hopson Loss is also a transition and is more commonly associated with the death of a loved one but a loss can also mean illness, disability or separation.

Colin Murray Parkes model is the process of grieving. In this model a person is expected to go through phases of grief in a certain order for the person to resolve their grief. There are four phases of grief according to Colin Murray parks these are numbness, pining, depression and recovery.
Jane is at the phase of depression according to Colin Murray parks model of grief as she is feeling quite low at the realisation her mother is no longer with her and that she won’t be back.
Alex is janes son, he is 7 years old. Alex has been referred to an educational psychologist as there are concerns raised by his teachers as he does not seem to be progressing and reaching his developmental milestones in school. He is being disruptive in class. He is showing signs of aggression towards his classmates and teachers have noticed that Alex is having mood swings throughout the week.

Care workers should try to find an understanding of Alex’s behaviour.

By using a psychodynamic approach a care…

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