The Stages Of Erikson 's Developmental Model Essay

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Using the stages of Erikson’s developmental model, an outline of my sister, Alina’s, life will illustrate how the early events of her life shaped her development as a person today. This essay will be explaining and pushing into depth of her critical situation, while using references from his model, and the crisis model.
As Alina grew up, she had an undoubted secure attachment with my parents, as well as I did. Each stage as described in Erikson’s model accurately represents how she was back then, and is now. She is currently attending the University of Houston after leaving UT, and Austin Community College, believing it was the only way to escape the temptations of the parties, and of course, sixth street. However, after eliminating herself from the problem for a solution to her struggles, Alina found herself not graduating on time, and became uncertain of the life she dreamed for herself. For the simple reason that, my parents pushed her to pursue a major and a career they thought was best for her life and future. My parents, understandably compared to the majority of Asian parents, projected their desire for her to become a nurse or a doctor of any kind, in view that they aspired for her to be financially secure, and did not want her to struggle paying bills through a few years like they did. Seeing that this would not cause any psychosocial problems for her, they consistently drove her down that path, not cognizant it was something she questioned, and did not genuinely…

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