Essay on The Stages Of Cognitive Development

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According to Piaget’s Stage Theory, there are four stages of cognitive development. These stages are sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operations, and formal operations. The first stage sensorimotor is the age from birth to two years, preoperational is from two to seven years, concrete operations is from seven to twelve years, and lastly the formal operations is the age from twelve years to adulthood. Each of this cognitive development stage has its own thinking pattern, which is different from the others. However, as someone move from one stage to the other, they gain a new level of thinking pattern and a new view of the world around them, which is certainly better than the past stages. Therefore, the thinking pattern of a three-year-old preschooler is definitely different than the thinking pattern of a nine-year-old student. And we can find the difference between their thinking pattern by simply looking at their stages, which are preoperational and concrete operations.

First of all, the preoperational stage has its own thinking patter, which is a lot more different than the concrete operations stage. A three-year-old preschooler has some specific aspects of thinking pattern, which differs him from a nine-year-old student. Some of the major and common aspects of a three-year-old thinking pattern are egocentrism, centration, and irreversibility. Egocentrism simply means self-centered. So, a three-year-old usually relies or believes on themselves rather than relying or…

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