The Stages Of A Group Essay

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When reflecting on this class, overall I really enjoyed it and I learned so much from it. The class my structure was really helpful and enabled us to experience a group as well as learn about it. There are many key factors to a group, the most important of these are the group stages. There are four group stages: initial, transition, working, and final. The initial stage is the first stage of the group and one of the most important. The initial stage is characterized by exploration and orientation. The overall guidelines of the group are set up and in the first couple of sessions introductions are made. One of the major characteristics of the initial stage is trust. The initial stage is where all of the first trust instances occur. For example, in our group, in our first session Hannah made herself extremely vulnerable and cried in front of us. She also shared how she felt about living off campus this year and the fears associated with being alone. Hannah placed a great deal of trust in us and allowed us to show that trust by keeping confidentiality about her struggles. Another factor of the initial stage is the hesitancy of the members. Members of a group may feel scared to speak up, for example, I was terrified the first few weeks to speak up because being vulnerable and open is not something I am good at and I was also intimidated by others in the group. Hannah, on the other hand, had no issues opening up immediately to us and therefore showed a deeper sense…

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