The Ss, Sa, And Sa Essay

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Who were the SS, SA, SD and SA?

The Schutzstaffel (SS), or the Protective Echelon, were the elite corps of the Nazi Party. The SS were responsible for security, identification of ethnicity, settlement and population policy, and intelligence collection and analysis. The SS controlled the German police forces and the concentration camp systems. The Sturmabteilung (SA), or the Assault Division, was the sister organisation of the SS and both were in hostile competition for control of police force in Germany. Both the SA and SS were controlled by Himmler, and served as police force for Nazi Germany. However, the SS were by far the most violent and forceful group in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust, and eventually rose in the hierarchy of Nazi Germany. The Sicherheitsdienst (SD), or the Security Service, was a security department in charge of foreign and domestic intelligence and espionage. All these groups were staffed with men who perceived themselves as the “racial elite” of Nazi future.

The men in the SA, SS, and SD were either volunteers who wholeheartedly believed in the twisted utopian vision of Adolf HItler, or were forced to join their ranks because their life and their families life were on the line.

Who was Adolf Eichmann and was was the Final Solution?

Karl Adolf Eichmann was a former SS officer who headed the Gestapo Department IV B4 for Jewish Affairs, serving as a self proclaimed “Jewish specialist”. He was the man responsible for the logistics of…

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