The Spring Of 1692 One Of The Most Historical Events Occurred

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In the spring of 1692 one of the most historical events occurred. Mainly remembered for the drama and religion surrounding it, the Salem witch trials shocked everyone. Most forget that these were real people, mostly due to all the typical Hollywood over dramatization of this historical experience. This event , although only claiming the lives of a few, is still remembered till this day as a gruesome massacre. In total 19 individuals where murdered for the crime of being witches. The only proof being the word of a group of young girls claiming these 19, among another 150 people accused, where possessed by Satan.(Rissanen) While the whole story sounds completely insane, there are actually many competent theories explaining the how this tragedy came about. I believe that the occurrence that happened in Salem, Massachusetts can not only be rationalized, but also justified.
There are numerous examples of smaller communities of people being lead by one passionate zealot ending in tragedy and death, usually these communities are centered around some religion. One more recent example is the Jonestown Massacre, in which a small community relocated their church and over time the church turned into a sort of cult, later ending Fournier2 in mass suicide/murder under the leader’s orders. This community of Salem, Massachusetts in a way be compared to…

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