Essay The Spring Induction Of National Honor Society

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I am greatly honored to be one of the selected students who are being considered for the Spring induction of National Honor Society. As a current eleventh grade student, I believe that I have exceeded in demonstrating all four qualities of the National Honor Society. With my previous experience in the National Junior Honor Society, I have bestowed the ideals to my community as of the beginning of my middle school career. This has led me to take pride in the community around me and help create a greater society with the foundation that the National Junior Honor Society has introduced to me. The quality of Service is an ideal that I can directly relate to through personal experience, therefore creating significance in my life. Volunteering and servicing the community is something that I willingly enjoy doing. Its significance to me is that it I am able to help others around me and make a difference in their lives. An example of this would be when I wrote over 50 cards to soldiers stationed overseas for Valentine’s Day. This is significant because I know that on Valentine’s Day the soldiers would not be able to be with their families and loved ones. Having the ability to write them letters and demonstrate to them how other people in their community care, gives them the feeling of not being alone on such a holiday. Having Service as a character trait, results in learning a lot about oneself while helping the community at the same time. The most significant part of…

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