The Spread Of Hiv / Aids Essay

1350 Words Dec 9th, 2015 null Page
Apartheid was governmental racism that is still deeply embedded in South African culture. Apartheid affected almost every social aspect of South African living, especially for black South Africans. It affected all facets of masculinity, femininity, and violence. As Moffett writes, “the pernicious and overtly racially ranked hierarchies endorsed and enforced during South Africa’s apartheid regime continue to have profound implications for women” (Moffett, 131). The remnants of apartheid remarkably affect women because of the way they experience gender and sexual-based violence. The male perpetrators, through the roots of apartheid, justify the violence experienced, as Moffett writes. The spread of HIV/AIDS is exceptionally cruel for women, the poor, and marginalized groups because of the globalization of South Africa. Sisonke Msimang writes that, “globalization has been described as ‘the drive towards an economic system dominated by supranational trade and banking institutions that are not accountable to democratic processes or national governments’” (Msimang, 109). But what does globalization really have to do with the spread of HIV/AIDS and sexual-based violence? As Msimang writes, globalization is about citizens and human bodies, moving across borders in order to find new and better educational and economic opportunities. When these human bodies move across borders, they sometimes carry the HIV/AIDS virus or they come into contact with the virus in the foreign…

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