The Spotless Mind Memory

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In the film, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, how memory portrayed in the film that memories of how it effects on the characters and what decisions that they make. In addition, the memories that are bad to be free in a situation so meaning that from removing the characters' memories but in reality is not a guarantee. Those who undergo the procedure are left with holes of drama and turmoil due to their memory loss. In Joel’s journey through his subconscious with the procedure. His internal memory and consciousness are aware of what is happening with his relationship with Clementine and when his emotions about his growing regret with the procedure. The choices Joel made and the things he had said is desperate to preserve his memories of …show more content…
My life would have been different I think it could change the way how I think for the reason that I would not know if whether what I did or learn what I have done so not to repeat the mistakes nor memories that I had repressed. Additionally, if I have the ability to erase my memory because since there are many moments in my life which I do not want to remember and my regrets. These regrets that I did not have the courage to make decisions based on either guilt or fear and never actually stop to consider what was best for me. Also, I do not have the courage to become myself instead of burying myself due to others who have big expectations from me. Therefore, at the same time who knows I will never know if to erase my memory it would have been for the better but it certainly would have been …show more content…
They still fell for each other two years later. After, Joel and Clementine both went on a night date and were going to Joel’s apartment. Both of them are hearing their records from Lacuna INC about each other of their past history together with shock and bewilderment. Joel wanted to start over and Clementine did not want to, but Joel accepts this. Ultimately, both of them start being in a relationship again.
Overall, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was excellent, funny, and enjoyable to watch since it made me really want to know how two people, both completely different personalities fall in love and how it was going to end whether if Joel and Clementine start a new relationship or both go to different directions in their life. I would totally recommend to anyone I mean who would not want to watch a funny, and at the same time learn about memory and romantic

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