The Sports Taboo By Malcolm Gladwell Essay

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Before this course, I did not know grammar well, and what I did know I did not fully understand. Yet, due to taking the course, I learned more about the structure of the English language, and can use grammar better than I did before. For instance, the first three major assignments were filled with missing comas, verb-tense misuses, and run-on sentences. Now, I may still make mistakes, but I know why I have made them. In other English courses, I had grammar homework and reading assignments that, often, seemed to be busy work, but with this course, I did not think that was the case. All the reading assignments were intriguing, and I thought critically because of the questions that were asked. An example of this comes from the last homework assignment where we read The Sports Taboo by Malcolm Gladwell. “Gladwell kept his eye on this runner because he thought that there was no way that this person would be able to continue their streak of winning. It connects to his main point because he cites the reason for his doubt as the ethnic stereotype related to runners. In his world, white people are not supposed to run fast, and he makes this idea clear when he states ‘It was as if I saw his whiteness as a degenerative disease, which would eventually claim and cripple him.’”.
My writing process through-out this semester has been an interesting experience. Back in high school, I would make a casual outline and type a first draft. That first draft usually ends up being the final draft…

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