Essay on The Sports Of The Basketball

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Andre has been playing basketball ever since he could walk. His dad, a tall and skilled player, played in college, so naturally he would get the skills passed down from his father. Ever since seeing his first college game, it was his dream to make it to that level. Andre worked his butt off, by practicing every day of the week, playing on travel teams in the summer, and going to camps to learn more skills. It was his junior year in high school and already he had several colleges interested in having him on their team. Many recruiters tried to get his attention, but only one school was able to capture it, Duke University. Duke is known for its success on the basketball court and is led by one of the all-time best coaches, Mike Krzyzewski. In Andre’s senior year of high school, he accepted a scholarship to Duke University only to realize all the lies. Apparently NCAA cannot offer 4-year scholarships, so that means he has to pay for more of his tuition then planned unless the University decides to renew the scholarship. He wanted to get a job since he knew his parents could not afford it, but the problem with that is he has no time. Between school, studying, practice, and games, he barley has any free time as is. If only there was a solution to fix this problem that not only Andre but many more college athletes go through every year. Sports in general gets millions of people addicted to watching them, but what is it about college sports that makes it impossible to close…

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